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Royal Palace
Heaven, Cato Island
Gay & Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands,

Hey, Dale here J
Thanks so much mate for your email and for your kind words; they mean a lot to me. My government is very serious about what we are trying to achieve and that is a homeland for gay & lesbian people. We chose the Coral Sea Islands for political and legal reasons due mainly because it is an uninhabited overseas territory of Australia and because after months of hearing Australian politicians trying to justify why same sex couples should not be equal under law, and after witnessing the national parliament of Australia effectively say that same sex relationships are less loving, committed and worthwhile then their heterosexual counterparts, many of us in the gay community had a gutful, we had enough.

The Australian parliament introduced and past legislation banning gay marriages and gay adoptions and also banned Australian courts from recognising same sex marriages that have taken place legally overseas and have banned gay couples from accessing the courts to have there marriage recognised. This law also applies for same sex couples who are non citizens who say visit Australia on holidays; they are not to be recognised as being married.

Fed up with this homophobic political bullshit and being denied justice and unable to access the high court because of legislation banning us from taking court action a small group of Gay people sailed over to Australia's nearby uninhabited Coral Sea Island territory on the ship "Gay flower" named after the "Mayflower" who took the first settlers to America who were trying to escape the religious restraints of England 400 years ago and we raised the gay rainbow flag and declared the 1 million square mile territory the worlds first independent sovereign gay & lesbian nation. The issue for us is one of equality and hence the kingdoms declaration of independence is based on America's declaration of independence from England. Gay people in Australia are not treated equally in laws regarding marriage, adoption, taxation, superannuation, next of kin, immigration, hospital visits the list is endless.

We are deadly serious in our declaration and we have tried hard to cover everything we can possibly think of, every politician in Australia including the Prime Minister as well as the Governor General were sent copies of the declaration of independence as well as being issued with the necessary paperwork that formally succeeds our territory from Australia and that outlines our reasons for doing so.

This has caused a major embarrassment and problem for Australia because the Coral Sea Islands were uninhabited until we gay people settled here in 2004 and as there is only homosexuals legally living in the territory, we are entitled to a government and Australia must under international law provide the people of the territory with a government and legally recognise it. Our gay government is the only government speaking on behalf of its people and it has been established as a self preservation government and so Australia is in a political and legal corner and we have them by the balls.

We have also wrapped our declaration of independence in case law so we have done our home work and it is this case law that resulted in the Coral Sea Islands territory being declared a kingdom rather that a republic, on legal advise we were told had we declared the Coral Sea Islands a gay republic Australia could have just declared war and invaded the Islands arrested those involved and the whole thing would have been a very expensive and costly waist of time that achieved nothing. But by declaring the nation a Kingdom Australia has to obey certain laws and rules as it is also a Kingdom and there is an ancient British law that states that a person can not be charged with treason if they are assisting a defacto prince from trying to claim his crown and goes further to say that any one hindering those people or the prince from attaining his crown can themselves be charged with treason. So hence the Coral Sea Islands became a Kingdom and the resident with the "most" royal blood became the prince/emperor which unfortunately much to my embarrassment happened to be me because my grandmother is directly descendant from the British royal family.

3 months on Australia has still not formally recognised the kingdoms independence but in saying that, they have not said that they don't recognise the gay kingdom either. The Australian government's official response is that the matter raised in our declaration of Independence is one of international law and that the Governor General as Australia's head of state is "looking into it" and from reports inside government house that we are getting, is that they just hope we will go away.

I can assure you that we won't go away, we are witnessing the birth of the worlds first gay & lesbian nation and I and my government will move heaven and earth and do everything humanly possible to rub Australia's nose in it.

Thank you for remembering us in your thoughts and prayers it is truly comforting to know that we have your support and are not alone in our struggle.

God Bless You

Dale R.

By the Grace of God His Imperial Majesty the Emperor Reigning of the Gay & Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands.